List of Publications

Under Review

34-Y. Ma, S. Nouri, D. A. Pham, A. Ziyaeyan, Z. Chen, S. Morozova, M. Chekini, X. Banquy, V. Adibnia, S. Viswanathan, and E.Kumacheva. Phytoglycogen nanolubricants with extended retention time in joints. (2024)

33-T. Han, W. Xu, J. Han, V. Adibnia, H. He, C. Zhang, J. Luo. Counterion Distribution in the Stern Layer on Charged Surfaces. (2024)

32-  V. Adibnia, A. Chenite, S. Selmani. Self-Healing Injectable Super-lubricating Hydrogels and Biomedical Applications ThereofU. S. Provisional Patent, Application No. 63/363,326 (Apr. 2022)



31- Z. Wang, H. Guo, S. Singh, V. Adibnia, H. He, F. Kang, Y. Yang, C. Liu, T. Han , C. Zhang. Electric Potential Controlled Ionic Lubrication. Lubricants, 12, 214(2024)

30- W. Austin, M. Hdeib, P. Fraser, M. Goldchtaub, E. Shams, T. Han, P.-L. Michaud, V. Adibnia. Oral Lubrication, Xerostomia, and Advanced Macromolecular Lubricants for Treatment of Dry Mouth. Lubricants, 12, 126 (2024)


29- E. Prince, S. Morozova , V. Adibnia , I. Yakavets , Z. Chen , S. Panyukov , M. Rubinstein , E. Kumacheva. Nanocolloidal hydrogel mimics the structure and nonlinear mechanical properties of biological fibrous networks. PNAS, 120, 51 (2023)

28- S. M. Morozova, L. López-Flores, A. Gevorkian, H. Zhang, V. Adibnia, W. Shi, D. Nykypanchuk, T. G. Statsenko, G. C. Walker, O. Gang, M. Olvera de la Cruz, E. Kumacheva. Colloidal clusters and networks formed by oppositely charged particles with varying stiffnessACS Nano, 17, 15012-15024 (2023)

27- T. Han, W. Cao, Z. Xu, V. Adibnia, M. Olgiati, M. Valtiner, C. Zhang, Ming Ma, J. Luo, X. Banquy. Hydration Layer Structure Modulates Superlubrication by Multivalent Electrolytes. Science Advances, 9, eadf3902 (2023)

26- H. Chang, V. Adibnia, W. Qi, R. Su, X. Banquy. Ternary synergy of Lys, Dopa and Phe results in strong cohesion of peptide films. ACS Applied Biomaterials, 6, 865-873 (2023)

25- H. Chang*, V. Adibnia*, R. Su, W. Qi, X. Banquy. Biospecific cation-π interaction by modulating molecular hydration and supramolecular structure of short peptides. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 635, 50-58 (2023)

*Equally contributed.


24- J. Rabanel, M. Mirbagheri, M. Olszewski, G. Xie, M. Le Goas, P. Latreille, H. Counil, V. Hervé, R. Oliveira Silva, C. Zaouter, V. Adibnia, M. Acevedo, M. J. Servant, V. A Martinez, S. A. Patten, K. Matyjaszewski, C. Ramassamy, X. Banquy. Deep tissue penetration of bottlebrush polymers via cell capture evasion and fast diffusion. ACS Nano, 12, 21583-21599 (2022)

23- Y. Ma, V. Adibnia, M. Mitrache, I. Halimi, G. Walker, E. Kumacheva. Stimulus-responsive nanoconjugates derived from phytoglycogen nanoparticles. Biomacromolecules, 23,  1928–1937 (2022)


22- S. M. Morozova, T. G. Statsenko, E. O. Ryabchenko, A. Gevorkyan, V. Adibnia, M. S. Lozhkin, A. V. Kireynov, E. Kumacheva. Multicolored nanocolloidal inks for 3D printing. Advanced Functional Materials, 31, 2105470 (2021)

21- V. Adibnia, Y. Ma, I. Halimi, G. C. Walker, X. Banquy, E. Kumacheva. Phytoglycogen nanoparticles: nature-derived superlubricants. ACS Nano, 15, 8953-8964 (2021)

20- H. Chang*, V. Adibnia*, C. Li, W. Qi, R. Su, X. Banquy. Short-sequence superadhesive peptides with topologically enhanced cation-pi interactions. Chemistry of Materials, 33,  5168–5176 , (2021)

*Equally contributed

19- M. Mirbagheri, J. Kaur, H. V. Pham, V. Adibnia, H. Zarrin, X. Banquy, K. Hwang. Plasmon-free polymeric nanowrinkled substrates for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy. Langmuir, 37, 322-329 (2021)


18- V. Adibnia, M. Olszewski, G. De Crescenzo, K. Matyjaszewski, X. Banquy. Superlubricity of zwitterionic bottlebrush polymers in the presence of multivalent ions. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 142, 14843-14847 (2020)

17- V. Adibnia*, M. Mirbagheri*, J. Faivre*, J. Robert, J. Lee, K. Matyjaszewski, D. W. Lee, X. Banquy. Bioinspired polymers for lubrication and wear resistance. Progress in Polymer Science, 110, 101298 (2020)

*Equally contributed

16- V. Adibnia, G. Afuwape, R. J. Hill. Electrokinetic sonic amplitude of polyelectrolyte solutions and networks. Macromolecules, 53, 7460-7468 (2020)

15- V. Adibnia, M. Mirbagheri, S. Salimi, G. De Crescenzo, X. Banquy. Non-specific interactions in biomedical applications

Current Opinion in Colloid and Interface Science, 47, 70-83 (2020)


14- Y. Xia*, V. Adibnia*, R. Huang, F. Murschel, J. Faivre, G. Xie, M. Olszewski, G. De Crescenzo, W. Qi, Z. He, R. Su, K. Matyjaszewski, X. Banquy. Biomimetic bottle-brush polymer coatings for fabrication of ultra-Low fouling surfaces. Angewandte Chemie, 131, 1322-1328 (2019).

*Equally contributed.

13- P.-L. Latrelle, V. Adibnia, A. Nour, J.-M. Rabanel, A. Lalloz, J. Arlt, W. C. K. Poon, P. Hildgen, V. A. Martinez, X. Banquy. Spontaneous shrinking of soft nanoparticles boosts their diffusion in conned media. Nature Communications , 10, 4294, (2019)

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11- Y. Xia, V. Adibnia, C. Shan, R. Huang, W. Qi, Z. He, G. Xie, M. Olszewski, G. De Crescenzo, K. Matyjaszewski, X. Banquy, R. Su. Synergy between zwitterionic polymers and hyaluronic acid enhances antifouling performance. Langmuir , 35, 15535-15542, (2019)

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9- V. Adibnia, M. Mirbagheri, P.-L. Latrelle, G. De Crescenzo, D. Rochefort, X. Banquy. Interfacial forces across ionic liquid solutions: Effects of ion concentration and water domains. Langmuir, 35, 15585-15591, (2019)

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 7- J. M. Rabanel*, V. Adibnia*, S. F. Tehrani*, S. Sanche, P, Hildgen, X. Banquy, C. Ramassamy. Nanoparticle heterogeneity: an emerging structural parameter influencing particle fate in biological media? Nanoscale, 11, 383-406 (2019)

*Equally contributed.

2018 and earlier

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